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This eerie piece captures the mystery and darkness of the infamous location off the coast of the cursed town of Innsmouth. The black water swirls around the jagged cliffs where, when the tide is low, you may catch a glimpse of the elusive Deep Ones rumored to inhabit these devilish waters. 'Devil Reef' was featured in the January 2024 issue of the literary publication Cosmic Horror Monthly.  It is perfect for those who are drawn to the macabre and enjoy contemplating the unknown.

Devil Reef - 10"x7" print

  • 10" x 7" pencil drawing print on matte photo paper.  Run limited to 100 signed and numbered prints.

  • All sales final. Prints will ship within 7 days of purchase. Shipping is $3 for 10“x7” prints.  Prints will be shipped in a rigid envelope.

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