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The Grey Peaks of Leng is a stunning pencil drawing that captures the mysterious aura of HP Lovecraft's tales. The central hooded figure adds an eerie element to the piece, giving a sense of the cult that is rumored to inhabit the area. The intricate details of the peaks in the background make this art print a true masterpiece for any Lovecraft fan or lover of dark art. Hang it on your wall and let the mysteries of the Plateau of Leng captivate you.

The Grey Peaks of Leng - 10.5" x 15" print

  • 10.5" X 15" pencil drawing print.  Run limited to 100 signed and numbered prints.

  • All sales final. Prints will ship within 7 days of purchase.  Shipping is $5 for 10.5" x 15" prints.  Print will be rolled and shipped in a poster tube

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